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navigating chaos

chaos is all around us and most often we feel overwhelmed by it. this explorative session wanted to challenge this feeling! In the small daily moments of chaos, most of us tensely try to hold on to structure and order, and instead of feeling excited when facing chaos, most of us try to swim away from it as fast as possible; over to the other side! Do you recognize yourself in this?

in short

13 participants with a background in Futures Studies
1.5-hour workshop
deep reflections and feeling of a safe space


during a collaboration between Edda from Kaospilot+ and myself, the question arose: what does it take to swim within instead of swimming away from chaos? our assumption was: we can use futures thinking to navigate chaos

3 major learnings

3 major learnings

The moments of collective reflection and sharing gave us amazing insights into how you felt and behaved in chaos. Below, the things that touched us. // We can practice openness by confronting ourselves with other people's imaginations. Instead of questioning or feeling restricted by their imagination, accept them and play!   // We can act courageously when the following is established: Trust in ourselvesDetachment from our thoughtsChoice to feel discomfort and vulnerabilityEngaging in non-judgemental and valuing relationships // Focus! - is what allows us to stay and potentially navigate in chaos.

in beautiful collaboration with Edda from

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