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green transition in 2031

hosted by the CBS initiative Lifelong learning, 35 stakeholders were gathered to collectively imagine the future of green transition management the main purpose of this facilitated workshop was to create a collective vision of what might characterize the persona of a green transition manager in the near future. the findings from the workshop inform the creation of a new master's programm to educate future green transition managers

in short

35 stakeholders (industry, students, academics)
a 3-hour workshop
interactive, using futures literacy
collectively defining the superpowers of future green transition managers

flow & process

the following questions where leading the process: How might such a person behave? What skills and capabilities ought such a person have? What dilemmas do they find themselves in and what are their values and beliefs addressing them?

4 superpowers

4 superpowers

PARADOX NAVILATOR someone that is able to navigate and be a translator from the paradoxes. able to reduce complexity and simplicity. can understand and mediate – connect multi-speeches. able to connect temporality of past, present and future. grounded in local needs but global, executioner and listening. ENDABLER Is an enabler but with a focus on accomplishing and bring tasks and actions to completion. Able to look at different disciplines & competences and make things happen. Can take Macro ideas and put them into a micro context. Enable behaviors and habits towards green transition with a focus on ‘the we’ and the community around them. Understands the mechanics like a plumber. SYNTHELIZER Combining the traits of synthesizer and mobilizer. As a monilizer dates to set goals that seem unattainable at first glance, able to project in the future and make those goals more attainable to those around them. Able to translate a collectiveness and bring the community together through liaising. Able to be aspiration and realistic, can see patterns, sympathize, believing and doing. FLUID (through friction) Is a force with fluidness, is action-oriented, ability to adapt and continuously moving forward. Able to shape shift and morph and be adaptive. Contests the notion of the traditional manager, translates, incorporates and responsive to the environment, take directionality, feed friction into the decision making process.


find the final thoughts and reflections here

futures of leadership
navigating chaos