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a 5 month strategic design project with the quest of 'how can Shifra co-create and equalize the access to health care with its target group - refugee women in Australia?'


toolbox for co-creation processes
new job roles for the team
pocketbook to describe the business model in short


Business Model Design
Strategic Design

the story

Shifra was one of history’s first midwives. We chose this name because we wanted something fierce, strong, and feminine. Midwives support women and their families throughout their entire reproductive life-cycle; and Shifra does the same. Refugees have immediate reproductive health needs. Many of these arise from a loss of contraception access, an increase in exposure to sex trafficking, higher risks of sexual assault, poor access to maternal health care and safe birthing practices. Shifra aims to discreetly connect women to respectful sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information in a format and language they understand.



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