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Homo narrans

Humans tell stories; all their lives. If we take a closer look, we all tell a variety of stories about 'who we are' - always slightly altered. Here is one, I like to tell.

One story about myself

As a curator and facilitator, I challenge conventional assumptions and offer a curious and active approach to uncertainty and change. Passionate about collective imagination and skilled in guiding participatory processes, I’ve collaborated with communities, institutions, and corporates across Europe, Kenya, Australia, and Mexico. In my role as the Future President at Foresight Europe Network, I found great joy in organizing the monthly series Demo Hours.

Circling back to the beginning, my roots are found in the business realms of automotive, music and fashion but my true enthusiasm thrived in Copenhagen’s startup scene. Completing my Master’s Degree, I conducted field research on grassroots innovation for climate mitigation in Kenya. Imagine drones roamed freely from any traffic laws and human waste being recycled to coal – a living lab. In Australia, I was initially exposure to change dynamics and a structured approach to the future.

The underlying theme of my story is change and humans – two essential elements for the present and future that require a gentle fusion. To achieve this, my practice has evolved into a vibrant blend of Futures Literacy, Experience Design, and Change theories. Most recently, the approach of Speculative Design has enriched my work.


In a nutshell I like to bring value by

  • asking questions to find the juicy bit

  • being critical about what we assume

  • listening to discover other possible truths

  • making imagination tangible


My present self is

… inspired by the book “Appliance” by J. O. Morgan

… wondering how we can communicate without the use of words.

… exploring indigenous traditions in Chiapas, Mexico.


Selected Projects

Strange Futures

2023-24 | WFSF

Curation and facilitation of experiences speculating about the future of nature, shoe shopping and communication in Denmark and Mexico.

Uniquely curated experiences brought people to imagine and fully immerse into alternative futures, that seemed unimaginable, yes strange, at first:

Without Words created a space in where words did not exist which encouraged people to explore and make sense of novel forms of communicating
@ gallery proof of x, Mexico City; WFSF & Speculative Futures Berlin, online
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Futures of Shoe Shopping presented an immersive scenery of two alternative futures, participants took an active role to test the future potential
@ Maerkbare, Copenhagen

Dissect Nature allowed a critical reflection of the nature of nature through a sensorial experience and collective imagination of futures
@ Skraa, Copenhagen
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Service NEXT

2021-24 | Porsche AG

Design and implemention of a global change process based on participatory and bottom-up principles across Europe and America.

Service NEXT is a global initiative that instills a transformational mindset, implements changed processes, and redefines job roles within After Sales. For over three years, I played a crucial role in the core team at Porsche AG, implementing Service NEXT across Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Latin America, the USA, and Russia.

As facilitator and change consultant, in collaboration with EQU:WIN GmbH, I:

# co-facilitated 1-week on-site workshops in the various countries and dealerships
# conducted trainings on change management and communication
# co-developed the strategy and concept for the global change process
# supported stakeholder management and community building

Beautiful Business

2020-23 | House of Beautiful Business

Curation and hosting of community experiences for the Copenhagen Chamber to enable connection, provoke novel discourse and support the global think tank’s mission to make business more beautiful.

2020, Wayfinding – a 3-day experience of gathering, getting lost in sensing and finding the way back; local and physical part of the global The Great Wave festival.
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2021, A Fluid Manifesto – a gathering sprinkled with an artful quest for beauty in form of human and machine art creation and tangible pieces of beauty
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2022, Small & Steady – 3 short gatherings with diverse quests and locations
“Is Business a matter of taste?” @ Vintro, a wine shop in the heart of Copenhagen
“Is Business wild?” @ an artificially made green hill overlooking Copenhagen’s canals
“Is Business fluid?” @ AFUK, a school for creativity and acrobatics in Copenhagen
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Traditions meet Futures

2023 | PSYDEH Mexico

Faciliation of collaborative efforts in creating business opportunities and defining new strategic pathways for women’s cooperations.

PSYDEH, a Mexican non-governmental organization (NGO), is dedicated to empowering and assisting women from the state of Hidalgo in establishing business opportunities rooted in their traditional knowledge and practices. The majority of these women have acquired skills in sewing traditional textiles. From 2022, I visited local cooperations and provided training to enhance their application of innovative and business methods in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

For the coordinating team, I facilitated multiple workshop where they envisioned various potential futures for the organization and the broader humanitarian sector. This initiative contributed to the development of a shared vision, encouraging the team to look beyond daily practices and explore new horizons.

Imagine Desirable Houses

2023 | UNFPA

Moderation of an interactive exercise and talk during the Futures Forum to enhance participants’ imagination of desirable futures.

More than 100 participants gathered for the UNFPA Futures Forum, a virtual event focused on strategic foresight learning. I initiated the event by engaging participants in a creative and interactive exercise, prompting them to envision their most desirable house. This exercise, coupled with a brief input, sparked introspection and engaging conversations. The event was organized by the Policy and Strategy Division of UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency.

Urban Food Logistics

2022 | EIT Urban Mobility KIC

Workshops that brought together colleagues and local stakeholders, fostering novel discourses on sustainability and collaborative creation.

How might food move through urban spaces in 2050? What alternatives can we imagine? How does this change our approach to present day’s concerns?

40 participants from across Europe creatively and collaboratively explored these questions during a workshop in Helsingborg, Sweden. I designed and facilitated the workshop in partnership with the EIT Climate KIC and EIT Urban Mobility KIC. In addition to working with future personas, participants engaged in sculpture building, revealed their assumptions, and concluded by capturing a meaningful question to their future selves.

A similar workshop, conducted in collaboration with EIT Food KIC in Riga, brought together stakeholders of the Latvian agricultural ecosystem and facilitated novel discussions about futures for the local food sector.

Futures of Leadership

2021-22 | GIZ

Curation and moderation of diverse formats for the AIZ leadership program, GIZ Ukraine, and the knowledge creation on carbon capture.

As part of the AIZ leadership and development program, leaders participated in a 2-day online Futures Literacy workshop which was designed to initiate interaction with diverse futures of leadership and to enhance the skill of utilizing the future. I designd and facilitated the event in collaboration with Stefan Bergheim.

Furthermore, I supported the local GIZ team in Ukraine in developing and facilitating their annual strategic team process to establish common ground across the past, present, and future.

Recently, GIZ employees have undertaken the initiative to explore the topic of carbon capture and storage through a three-part event series for GIZ and its broader ecosystem. I accompanied and moderated these events.

Living in 2050 

2022 | Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Foresight report and storytelling presentation elaborating the outcomes of a participatory citizen processes in Berlin.

The report elaborates Futures Personas designed to illustrate various facets of life in Berlin in the year 2050. Each persona was conceived during a prior participatory process that engaged a diverse group of citizens from Berlin. Collaborating with Stefanie Ollenburg, insights from the Futures Personas were synthesized into strategic recommendations for local politicians.
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During the closing event at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Berlin, I presented the report to a diverse audience consisting of politicians, citizens, and urban stakeholders, narrating the stories of the Futures Personas.


Crafting Team Culture

2021 | Craftview Software GmbH

Facilitation of a 2-day team process to weave a shared understanding of the company vision and create operating principles.

Craftview evolved by uniting various individual craftman businesses in Germany. To build a unified company culture and establishing operating principles, I collaborated with Andrea Strohmayr and Martina Öttl to design and facilitate a two-day onsite team process.

In addition to the management team, representatives from each craftman business were invited to participate in the process. Beginning with making sense of the collective vision, the team collaboratively crafted the foundational structure for operating principles in an emergent and highly participatory manner. This laid the groundwork for a transformative future where craftsmanship collaborates, shares knowledge, and evolves together.

Tech in Africa

2019 | Dansk Industri

A 2-month research expedition in Kenya, exploring disruptive business models and tech applications within the ecosystem of Silicon Savannah.

Silicon Savannah – a place that gathers serial entrepreneurs, leaders, and dreamers who’s faces light up when talking about challenges like waste disposal, poverty, and water. While some Kenyan business models may not translate to Europe, they offer creative insights into balancing financial sustainability while reaching for maximum impact.

Funded by Dansk Industri and the bootcamp @foundersoftomorrow, I engaged with 14 startups, coworking spaces, the UN-Habitat, and the Danish Embassy, attended events and participated in accelerator programs. Each day, I returned well into the night, my mind buzzing with discussions about tech, the startup scene, personal lives, and the future of Kenya. Following this, I conducted field research on grassroots innovation, leading to the development of an altered Business Model Canvas.

My Kenyan experience highlighted the significance of hands-on problem-solving and a nuanced perspective on technology. While essential for business scaling, technology alone isn’t a magic formula for global challenges. People matter. As Judith, an IT expert, emphasized, future technology is an enabler—one of many components for a colorful future!

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Clients & Partners




Future Bite

For a brief yet impactful introduction to working with futures, a bite-sized webinar provides an ideal entry point. The session combines storytelling and theoretical input with light interaction. Dip your toes into the power of imagination, and discover the unique value it has for your sphere of work.



Collaborative Creation

If gathering your team, stakeholders or community, this workshop format creates a highly participatory and daring environment. It uses change- and futures methods in harmonious combination with creative tools, enhancing decision-making that pave the way for transformative futures. 



Tangible Futures

In a blend of Experience- and Speculative Design, a spatial experience is curated to showcase seemingly unimaginable futures. As a multi-sensorial and social fictional space, it invites people to immerse and interact with multiple perspectives, undiscovered opportunities and hopeful encounters.

The mysterious thing we call ‘future’ strangely never exists, solely in our imagination. This uniquely human ability to imagine is the source of all futures and a vital tool in times of growing uncertainty and change.

In my role as curator and facilitator, I use our
ability to imagine to make sense of emergence, generate undiscovered opportunities, and
navigate transformative pathways.

How can we use the future in your context?