what if

hi you,

curious about the future? you are in the right place

let’s collectively rethink and shape our present world

    homo narrans

    humans tell stories; all their lives
    if we take a closer look
    we tell a variety of stories about ‘who we are’
    to give and make sense
    a lifetime long

    stories about myself

    grown-up with an inventive spirit, my world is sprinkeled with ideas and adventures
    my curious self engaged a few years in the corporate worlds of music, fashion and food
    before it flourished in Copenhagen’s start-up and sustainability scene
    Kenya presented the wonders of purposeful tech
    while my Australian professors opened the door to futures thinking

    sometimes I am a practitioner of futures literacy
    other times I am a perceptively facilitator lead by the joy of collective action
    always I am a storyteller, enthusiastic about the absurd and magical
    [but then who isn’t…]


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    partners & friends

    use futures for



    the approach ‘futures literacy’ uses our imagination (an ability unique to the human being) to practice the ease with uncertainty by triggering new questions and challenging rigid believes

    teams need moments of bonding
    visions shine brighter when they inspire the collective
    strategies are powerful when viewed from multiple perspectives
    processes want to be adapted with time
    projects flourish if matched with the right resources

    is the next big thing

    use futures for



    futuristic and alternative realities are created to trigger fresh thoughts, widen the spectrum of ‘what is thinkable’ and provoke us to engage with the extreme

    think bigger!
    give us alternatives!
    they screem

    the answer comes in form of an experience
    designed for you to explore


    to strategize

    use futures for



    in a participatory, flexible and meaningful manner, teams are guided through their unique journeys – always with a pinch of futures

    ask new questions
    reframe your believes
    flourish in chaos

    the capacity ‘futures literacy’ was coined by UNESCO
    it entails to use the openness of futures to act in the present
    at the core lies a greater awareness about how our images of the future (probable, desirable and alternative) influence our behavior in the present

    train it in multiple-day sessions or smaller modules
    apply it to enhance strategies, visions, collaborations and innovation

    about the power of your team

    process design & facilitation

    I call myself a process designer and facilitator for participatory endeavors
    that strive toward the new, the unkown, the visionary


    broadly, my work circles around the mysterious thing we call the future
    something that strangely never exists; solely in our imagination
    still, the future can serve as a tool for so many purposes


    are you brave enough to lean in?
    bring the future to your endeavor!