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the future as a tool for the present

Let’s collectively reimagine and actively shape our present world.

    I traveled far, loved deeply, cried loudly, climbed high, and fell low. My face looks young while my hair turns grey; loaded with the many stories and adventures I sought.

    What kept me moving, risking, and exploring over and over again? Imagination, I believe. The ability to imagine something that is not present (yet). The ability to imagine not only what is likely to happen but what could happen alternatively. I firmly believe that a spark of imagination empowers us to leave our bubbles of reality, see the vastness of opportunities and start altering the present. Imagination is the starting point.

    I’m a Designer and Facilitator of spaces, guided by the purpose of empowering people to cheerfully move towards the future. Over the past years, I created a variety of workshops and innovation processes on the topics of education, collaboration, mobility, sustainability, and culture. Today, I am a board member of Founders of Tomorrow and host the House of Beautiful Business in Copenhagen. My motivation and curiosity spark from the unknown and the ability to inspire people to imagine, rethink and act.

    Reading so much about spaces, you might wonder what are my home spaces? What are my bubbles of reality? Born in Düsseldorf and living in Copenhagen, I love being in constant flux and moving back and forth between different mindsets, cultures, and disciplines. Why? To challenge myself, fuel my curiosity, and keep discovering.


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    27. May 2021


    Introduction to spaces°°futures – Dream before Dinner

    Space to imagine ° In collaboration with Kaospilot+ this session is an Introduction class to play with the toolbox spaces°°futures. This interactive session will take us to a space to activate and inspire our imagination and explore the topic of human gathering in the year 2050.

    20. May 2021


    Innovation behind the curtain

    Space to rethink ° Organized with my dear master’s alumni network from Copenhagen Business School, this interactive 2-hour session will open a space to rethink the practice of innovation collectively. How might the innovation sphere unfold in the year 2100? Where will innovators move next? Climb, fall or disappear?

    09. May 2021


    Bildung in 2100

    Space to imagine ° join a 60-minutes journey into the diversity of futures to collectively imagine how Bildung might unfold in the year 2100. Embedded in this year’s European Bildung Conference, this session will allow you to explore future signals, desirable futures, and dominant narratives of Bildung.

    Much have I played, explored, and created over the past years; from Germany, Denmark and Kenya to the global digital world. Follow me into my diverse past doings and explore the many small diamonds that did not make it to the front page. I hope you find enjoyment and inspiration and allow yourself to get a bit lost between the lines.

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    flourish in uncertainty



    Tomorrows are uncertain and unpredictable. Use humans’ most unique quality – the ability to imagine – to deal with the unknown, envision the way ahead, and sharpen your view.

    Imagine you see with one eye. How might it feel to open the second eye? Training our ability to imagine is about becoming better at engaging with spontaneity and improvisation. Skills that allow us to deal with the emergent unknown and complexity of our world. Imagining a variety of possibilities is the compass to navigate in uncertainty. It’s about sharpening your view. It is like seeing with two eyes instead of one.

    Spaces to imagine play with tools from Improv Theater, Futures Thinking, and Speculative Design. The aim is to access and activate creativity and abstract thinking. People experience a 3-fold journey that is tailored to their respective contexts.

    1. Explore the imaginable
    2. Play with the unimaginable
    3. Create visions for the present
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    weave new meaning



    Ready to explore the unknown? Dive into the diversity of perspectives, question dominating narratives and concepts to invented new images of the future.

    You stand firmly on two legs. Look down to the ground below. What assumptions and biases steer your images of the future? By uncovering our own perspectives, we can break-out and explore the diversity around us. We see from new angles, reframe the known and make sense of novelty. Diversity becomes the fruitful source in the realm of complexity and disciplines find a common language to weave new meanings. Look down to your feet and couragously tap onto unknown grounds.

    Spaces to rethink are inspired by the approach of Futures Literacy, infuesed with System Thinking and a spark of Fiction. People uncover and challenge dominating narratives and concepts and pose new questions by:

    1. Explore images of the future
    2. Uncover the beauty of diversity
    3. Balance on unknown grounds
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    shape the present



    Bring radical ideas and stories to life through collective action and craft dynamic strategies, business models, and concepts with a guiding purpose.

    You envision what lies ahead. How do you build the pathway towards that vision? Let’s find the sweet spot where future and present blend. There, we can alter and shape our surroundings. There, we can prototype and test imaginary stories and materialize ideas. There, we act and fail collectively. Bring visionary ideas to life and head down the road towards change.

    Spaces to act are based on tools from Business- and Strategic Design, sprinkled with iterative circles and focused on meaningful action. People engage in conceptual play and improvise with the present in an entrepreneurial manner to:

    • Prototype change
    • Model circular business
    • Strategize for purpose
    about spaces to act

    spaces°°futures – a toolbox

    How can we move cheerfully towards the future? By flourishing in uncertainty. By weaving new meaning. By shaping the present.

    Spaces°°futures is my toolbox which combines methods from business, design, theatre, and foresight. It steadily grows and fluidly reshapes. With this toolbox, I design and facilitate spaces* where people explore diverse alternatives, challenge established concepts, and bring radical ideas to life. They are empowered to move cheerfully.


    *spaces are physical or virtual bubbles outside your reality where you interact with others. Spaces alter in form and size to facilitate customized processes; while always being inclusive, inspirational, and explorative.