what if

hi you,

curious about the future? you are in right place

Let’s collectively reimagine and actively shape our present world.

    about storytelling

    humans tell and act in stories; all their lives
    if we dare taking a closer look
    we even tell stories about ourselves
    to give and make sense
    a lifetime long

    about Lena

    innovation, sustainability, Copenhagen, start-up scene
    experience in corporate world from music, fashion to food
    community creator, self-organized projects out of curiousity
    grown up in the business world with ppt, excel and a balance sheet
    flourished in the world of futures, the weirdness, openness and unlimitedness
    a storyteller, especially excited about magic creatures
    [but then who isn’t a story(fiction)teller…]


    Join an upcoming session

    27. May 2021


    Introduction to spaces°°futures – Dream before Dinner

    Space to imagine ° In collaboration with Kaospilot+ this session is an Introduction class to play with the toolbox spaces°°futures. This interactive session will take us to a space to activate and inspire our imagination and explore the topic of human gathering in the year 2050.

    20. May 2021


    Innovation behind the curtain

    Space to rethink ° Organized with my dear master’s alumni network from Copenhagen Business School, this interactive 2-hour session will open a space to rethink the practice of innovation collectively. How might the innovation sphere unfold in the year 2100? Where will innovators move next? Climb, fall or disappear?

    09. May 2021


    Bildung in 2100

    Space to imagine ° join a 60-minutes journey into the diversity of futures to collectively imagine how Bildung might unfold in the year 2100. Embedded in this year’s European Bildung Conference, this session will allow you to explore future signals, desirable futures, and dominant narratives of Bildung.

    Much have I played, explored, and created over the past years; from Germany, Denmark and Kenya to the global digital world. Follow me into my diverse past doings and explore the many small diamonds that did not make it to the front page. I hope you find enjoyment and inspiration and allow yourself to get a bit lost between the lines.

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    Partners & Friends

    Process Design



    in a co-creative, flexible and meaningful manner, teams are guided through their unique journeys – always with a pinch of future

    In my role as facilitator I’m guiding businesses and teams through their unique journeys – always with a pinch of future

    in the design and conceptionalization as well as in the realization of processes, I put special value to work in a co-creative, flexible and customized manner.

    processes can last from 1 hour to several days

    Let's talk
    about your next journey
    examples from my portfolio
    Past Work

    Speculative Design



    speculative presents aim to pose provocative questions – what if everything would be different?

    by being confronted with an alternative reality and fully immerse into it, we can reframe ourselves, our structures and meanings
    as a result we make space for the new to emerge

    about spaces to rethink?
    examples from my portfolio
    Past Work

    Futures Literacy



    practicing the openess of futures can ease the confrontation with uncertainty and chaos – a capacity that uses our imagination to uncover assumptions and rethink the present

    As co-founder of the network-organisation ZUKÜNFTE, I’m supporting small and big organisations in the application of Futures Literacy. Since two years, we design and facilitate workshops as well as smaller coaching and training modules.

    about Futures Literacy
    examples from my portfolio
    Past work

    °° what we call future °°

    I’m a process designer and facilitator for collaborative endeavors
    that strive toward the new, the unkown, the visionary


    broadly, my work circles around the mysterious thing we call the future
    something that strangely never exists; solely in our imagination
    still, the future can serve as a tool for so many purposes


    are you brave enough to lean in?
    bring the future to your endeavor!